Simply ABC

define christ

Many use letters of the alphabet as shorthand for both designating and identifying with particular groups.

I thought it might be a good exercise to consider how I might want to identify and align myself in a similar manner. I mean, you never know, right? How am I defined? I should probably think about that.

So, that was about as far as I’d gotten with it and I wasn’t really sure how to best proceed or even if I would, but then while I was out on a run this morning, it all became clear…in between gasps for air.

If I identified myself with letters, it would be ABC.

A   – I have admitted to God that I am a sinner who has refused to acknowledge his authority over my life and that my sin has separated me from him.

B   – I have believed that in his abundant love and grace, God reached out to me in my hopelessness through his Son, Jesus Christ, who voluntarily took my rightful punishment upon himself to the cross, and who God raised from the dead so that I might be offered a full pardon and eternal reconciliation with my Heavenly Father. (John 3:16)

C   – I have confessed my faith in Jesus Christ, accepted him as my Lord and my Savior, and committed myself to walk in obedience to him and bring glory to God the Father. I do this by studying his words and by seeking and relying on God’s strength and guidance to live according to his commandments. (John 15:10)

The most important part of me is not my race or national citizenship or my social status or gender or my political affiliation.

It is simply my relationship with my God and my status as redeemed, as his adopted child.

He gives me hope, clarity of purpose, and complete fulfillment.

He, and only He, defines me.

I don’t know what lies ahead…but I know where I’m going.

“I do not know the course ahead,

what joys and griefs are there;

but One is near who fully knows,

I’ll trust his loving care.”

So, anyway, I just want to say that I’d like to be on the record here as identifying publicly with the ABC crowd.

I would also like to invite non-members to join us.

Membership is free. The price has already been paid for you.


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