Not that into you


Have you ever had some one who really loves you keep on pursuing you, but

you’re just not that into them?

They keep trying and you keep pushing them away?

This goes on for a while.

Then what happens?

Does that person say, “I love you so much…that I’m going to MAKE you love me?”


if they really love you, they are going to let you choose whether or not you will commit yourself to them. They have reached out time and again, tried to make you see, tried to shower you with a love that draws you to them.

But they aren’t going to force you to love them.

They love you too much for that.

God keeps sending those cards, letters, and flowers.

It’s up to us whether we accept them or just keep throwing them away.

And at some point, we simply won’t receive anymore,

because our decision has become painfully obvious.


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