What an Idea!

grass withers

All ideas have a right to be heard but they are certainly not all equal. If they were, then they would all be worthless.

Every idea that would stand the test of time should rightly undergo strict scrutiny and the most extreme criticism possible. If it is worthy, it will endure. If it is not, it will die like so many others before it.

There is perhaps no better example of an idea that has endured all the world has offered and continued to shine through the darkest times and places as the Gospel.

So many times it has been challenged and called ‘dead’; so many times it has endured.

As someone once famously observed, “The gospel story is always used to rising up and outliving its pallbearers.”

It does so because the truth does not change with the shifting opinions of man.

We neither create it nor determine it.

We may only respond to it.

He is Risen.

We are called to respond.


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