Need to organize your prayer life? There’s an app for that


Do you ever feel like you need to get some organization in your prayer life?

Do you see prayer requests via your local church, through social media, or by other means and think, “I really need to keep that person or that issue in my prayers,” only to later be betrayed by your failing memory and completely forget about it?

Would you like to have an assistant who can bring a daily prayer list right to your fingertips any time you are ready for it?

The fact is, there is likely no shortage of prayer needs even within our local circle of friends and family, not to mention the greater needs throughout our community, our country, and our world.

We may feel these needs around us and feel God calling us to respond in prayer, but ultimately fail simply because we lack the organizational skills to keep track of them.

I have recently found something that has helped me greatly in this area of my life and I am so excited about it that I felt the need to share it with you, even though I am actually still actively learning about it.

You see, there’s an app for that.

Yes, in this era of smartphones, which we typically have with us the majority of the time, there have been numerous apps developed that help Christians organize their prayer lists and develop better prayer habits.

I want to briefly describe the app that I use, which may or may not be the best one out there. The fact is, there are many from which to choose. The best advice I have if you are interested, is to do some research. I don’t own any stock in this one so it won’t hurt my feelings if you don’t use it, but I will tell you a little about why I like it.

It is called PrayerMate.

It comes with standard “lists” such as “My Church,” “My Family,” etc. You can create other lists but these are the basics.

To set it up, you simply go into the lists and add your own prayers. For example, I go into “My Family” and create a list of all family members for whom I wish to pray. I set up a schedule for them. If I want to pray for each one daily, once a week, only on specific dates, etc., I just select the appropriate schedule.

This is standard with any new prayer item you add.

Once you have them entered into the app, it will keep track of them just like an administrative assistant. Then when it’s Tuesday and you are either ready to begin your normal prayer time or maybe you have some free time, you just open the app and it will show you one page overview with all of Tuesday’s scheduled prayers, Then as you swipe to the left, it will cycle through each individual one so that you can concentrate on that particular prayer concern.

Any time there is a new prayer need, say from email or Facebook or whatever, you can just copy it and paste it into the app under whichever category you wish, following the same procedure for scheduling.

There is also an archive feature. Has a prayer been answered or is it otherwise no longer necessary? Simply select the archive tab and it will be sent to the archives so that it no longer shows up on your list (but it is still retained for historical records). Maybe you want to go back and annotate later when and how a particular prayer was answered, for instance.

Another cool thing about this app is that it already has a number of pre-inserted prayers that you can choose, if desired. For example, there is the Lord’s Prayer, a biblical prayer for personal spiritual growth, World Mission prayers, Christian parachurch organization prayers, prayers for specific areas (such as children, church, missionaries, husband/wife, etc.).

Oh, and did I mention, it’s free???

Again, I’m only just getting started with this app (I’ve only been using it for about two weeks) but I am at the point where I really feel like recommending it to anyone who feels led to bring more focus and organization to his or her prayer life.

I already feel like it has made a difference in my prayer life. It has also helped me (with my failing memory) to be reminded of certain needs so that I can go back to a specific person and say “Hey, I’ve been praying for this or that. How is it going?”

That’s all for now. Hope this has been helpful!

God bless!


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