Become one of God’s gym rats

train to be Godly

Many of us have a diet plan because we want to lose some weight, or we have a physical training plan to help us tone up, put on some muscle, etc. The point is we have plans to help us achieve a desired goal.

But how many of us who are Christians, who are called to train ourselves for godliness (1 Tim. 4:7), have a spiritual growth plan?

Do we somehow think we are already there, or that we can just coast along and become conformed to the image of Jesus without any effort, without any plan?

Believers have free membership to God’s gym, which is loaded with equipment to train ourselves. Bible intake, prayer, service, evangelism, stewardship…these are only a few of them but they often go largely unused. Bible intake, for example, should be the most worn out piece of gear in God’s gym. But it is too frequently neglected and left in the corner to gather dust.

Oh, we might have good intentions of hitting the gym but then a “good” excuse keeps us away. Well, maybe if we take the time to pray to God about where we need to tone up or add some muscle, He will become our personal trainer and show us how to use his gym in a manner such that we grow to love it. We become gym rats. No one can keep us out of there because we have become addicted to the atmosphere of holiness that pervades.

Do you need a spiritual growth plan? Talk to your personal trainer free of charge and let him help you develop one tailored specifically for your spiritual needs. Then enjoy the rewards of being molded and shaped into the image of the Savior!


One thought on “Become one of God’s gym rats

  1. I couldn’t agree more! We train professionally, personally, and physically for the betterment of our own well being but even with the knowledge that we are in the midst of a spiritual battle, there’s little preparation for war. Studying the Bible and knowing the Trainer are paramount. This training cannot be ignored!

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