Oh, the wonderful workings of God!

I’ve been meaning to share this story with you but am just now getting around to it. About a week ago, a good friend of mine had a single-vehicle accident when his truck left the roadway and struck the end of a guardrail. He estimates that he was traveling around 55-60 mph when he made impact. The truck spun around and came to a stop upright in the middle of the roadway. My friend’s primary injuries were as a result of his seatbelt. He had some bruised ribs and was pretty sore in his core area from the seatbelt preventing him from moving around the cabin or being thrown out of the vehicle. He is now recovering quite well and has already returned to his job.

I tell you this story so I can share this. About a week before his accident, he was cited for not wearing his seatbelt.
He was pretty upset at the time about getting that fine but he was also wearing his seatbelt the morning of the accident because of the citation.

Praise God that He is looking out for us when we aren’t looking out for ourselves. Things don’t always work out this way, but God obviously had a reason for sparing my friend’s life. May it be made known to him and may we all take a moment to remember that our Lord is always at work in our lives, even when we aren’t aware of it. May we not get so wrapped up in the day-to-day that we fail to notice God’s masterful work around us.

To him be the glory forever!


4 thoughts on “Oh, the wonderful workings of God!

  1. That was a good post. I LOL at the 1st sentence having just heard the story from Dave yesterday. He didn’t share the seatbelt part which makes for an awesome testimony. Thanks for sharing the glory of the story. That’s kind of catchy “glory of the story”.

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    • You are a wordsmith, my friend. It reminds me of “the rest of the story,” by Paul Harvey. We will start doing “the glory of the story,” seeking to find God’s glory in everyday life!

  2. I am reminded that Gods laws are
    Meant to protect us . Just like seatbelt
    Laws are meant to protect us. When God
    Uses the institution of men to correct
    Us we should only reply with the answer
    “Speak Lord For thy Servant is Listening”!

    • Forgive me fellas but I am still in pain
      I know God protected me but I am not
      Seeing glory in this story I still hurt.
      I do realize how quickly my life could
      Have been dismantled. And I am very
      Thankful for Gods provision but I am not
      Ready to call this glorious . 🙂

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